Commit cf59afb7 authored by Eric Ludlam's avatar Eric Ludlam Committed by Stefan Monnier

* test/lisp/cedet/semantic-utest-ia.el: Update from upstream

Merge content from CEDET on SF to bring in additional test points
and support more types of languages.
(semantic-utest-ia-struct.cpp, semantic-utest-ia-templates.cpp)
(semantic-utest-ia-using.cpp, semantic-utest-ia-nsp.cpp)
(semantic-utest-ia-wisent.wy, semantic-utest-ia-texi)
(semantic-utest-ia-make, semantic-utest-ia-srecoder): New test points
(semantic-ia-utest-buffer): Use comment-start-skip when looking
for test point tokens.
Capture errors ignoring debugger to enable test for empty results.
Improve output from test diagnostics.
(semantic-ia-utest-buffer-refs): Use comment-start-skip to find
test point tokens.
Author: Eric Ludlam <>
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