Commit d6f9b097 authored by Mauro Aranda's avatar Mauro Aranda Committed by Eli Zaretskii

Fix saving multiple themes

* lisp/custom.el (enable-theme): Be side-effect free when modifying
custom-enabled-themes.  (Bug#19999)
parent c556aabd
Pipeline #4529 passed with stage
in 59 minutes and 16 seconds
......@@ -1381,7 +1381,7 @@ function runs. To disable other themes, use `disable-theme'."
(custom-theme-recalc-variable symbol)))))))
(unless (eq theme 'user)
(setq custom-enabled-themes
(cons theme (delq theme custom-enabled-themes)))
(cons theme (remq theme custom-enabled-themes)))
;; Give the `user' theme the highest priority.
(enable-theme 'user)))
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