Commit dc881282 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Remove resizable attribute on macOS undecorated frames (bug#28512)

* src/nsterm.m (FRAME_DECORATED_FLAGS): Remove Cocoa specific #define.
(initFrameFromEmacs): Remove Cocoa specific window style attributes.
parent b970a4a5
......@@ -423,20 +423,12 @@ - (NSColor *)colorUsingDefaultColorSpace
/* GNUstep always shows decorations if the window is resizable,
miniaturizable or closable, but Cocoa does strange things in native
fullscreen mode if you don't have at least resizable enabled.
These flags will be OR'd or XOR'd with the NSWindow's styleMask
/* These flags will be OR'd or XOR'd with the NSWindow's styleMask
property depending on what we're doing. */
#define FRAME_DECORATED_FLAGS NSWindowStyleMaskTitled
#define FRAME_DECORATED_FLAGS (NSWindowStyleMaskTitled \
| NSWindowStyleMaskResizable \
| NSWindowStyleMaskMiniaturizable \
| NSWindowStyleMaskClosable)
#define FRAME_UNDECORATED_FLAGS NSWindowStyleMaskBorderless
/* TODO: get rid of need for these forward declarations */
......@@ -7211,15 +7203,9 @@ - (instancetype) initFrameFromEmacs: (struct frame *)f
win = [[EmacsWindow alloc]
initWithContentRect: r
styleMask: ((FRAME_UNDECORATED (f)
| NSWindowStyleMaskResizable
| NSWindowStyleMaskMiniaturizable
| NSWindowStyleMaskClosable
backing: NSBackingStoreBuffered
defer: YES];
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