Commit e233dedd authored by Alexander Gramiak's avatar Alexander Gramiak

* lisp/frame.el (frame--size-history): Fix infloop. (Bug#35272)

parent 5ee5895f
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......@@ -1610,14 +1610,16 @@ selected frame."
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "*frame-size-history*")
(insert (format "Frame size history of %s\n" frame))
(while (listp (setq entry (pop history)))
(while (consp (setq entry (pop history)))
(when (eq (car entry) frame)
(pop entry)
(insert (format "%s" (pop entry)))
(move-to-column 24 t)
(while entry
(insert (format " %s" (pop entry))))
(insert "\n"))))))
(insert "\n")))
(unless frame-size-history
(insert "Frame size history is nil.\n")))))
(declare-function x-frame-edges "xfns.c" (&optional frame type))
(declare-function w32-frame-edges "w32fns.c" (&optional frame type))
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