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......@@ -384,6 +384,12 @@ specified filters, specified timers, and specified hooks.
** Install's no-flicker change.
I don't know if this is still relevant. I can't reach the URLs in
the above message thread and double-buffering may have solved some
of the problems.
** Add a "current vertical pixel level" value that goes with point,
so that motion commands can also move through tall images.
This value would be to point as window-vscroll is to window-start.
......@@ -537,11 +543,6 @@ from the emacsclient process.
** Provide an optional feature which computes a scroll bar slider's
size and its position from lines instead of characters.
** Allow unknown image types to be rendered via an external program
converting them to, say, PBM (in the same way as PostScript?). [does
doc-view.el do this, or could it be extended to do this?
Does ImageMagick obsolete this idea?]
** Allow displaying an X window from an external program in a buffer,
e.g. to render graphics from Java applets. [gerd and/or wmperry
thought this was feasible.]
......@@ -555,6 +556,8 @@ from the emacsclient process.
** Use the XIE X extension, if available, for image display.
(Obsolete as XIE is now considered obsolete itself.)
** Make monochrome images display using the foreground and background
colors of the applicable faces.
......@@ -679,6 +682,10 @@ simple buttons to webkit (effectively, a web browser).
Currently, xwidgets works only for the gtk+ framework but it is
designed to be compatible with multiple Emacs ports.
(See the scratch/nsxwidget branch, and the discussion around
Objective-C code and GCC at
**** Respect 'frame-inhibit-implied-resize'
When the variable 'frame-inhibit-implied-resize' is non-nil, frames
......@@ -855,32 +862,6 @@ all build versions.
*** Bugs
**** Incorrect translation of Super modifier with Ctrl or Meta on macOS
When pressing 'M-s-a', Emacs replies "M-s-å is undefined". What
happened is a mix of Emacs view that Meta and Super has been pressed,
and macOS view that ALT-a should yield "å" (U+00E5 LATIN SMALL LETTER
The bug reports suggest two different patches; unfortunately, neither
works properly. For example:
Use a Swedish keyboard layout
(setq ns-alternate-modifier nil)
Today, this correctly yields that s-] is undefined. With either
of the two patches, Emacs responds that s-9 was pressed.
More investigation is needed to fix this problem.
**** Toggling the toolbar in fullheight or maximized modes
The toolbar, in the NS interface, is not considered part of the text
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