Commit e553c503 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Update .gitattributes to match current sources
* .gitattributes: Accommodate tests that insist on DOS format.
Remove test/automated/data/decompress/foo-gzipped.
Add etc/e/eterm-color.
parent 83c7e62a
......@@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ leim/MISC-DIC/cangjie-table.cns -whitespace
leim/MISC-DIC/ -whitespace
lib-src/update-game-score.exe.manifest -whitespace
nt/nmake.defs -whitespace
test/etags/c-src/dostorture.c -whitespace
test/etags/cp-src/c.C -whitespace
test/etags/html-src/algrthms.html -whitespace
# The upstream maintainer does not want to remove trailing whitespace.
doc/misc/texinfo.tex -whitespace=blank-at-eol
......@@ -40,4 +43,4 @@ doc/misc/texinfo.tex -whitespace=blank-at-eol
*.png binary
*.sig binary
*.tiff binary
test/automated/data/decompress/foo-gzipped binary
etc/e/eterm-color binary
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