Commit f9443e2a authored by Pip Cet's avatar Pip Cet Committed by Paul Eggert

Avoid byte compiler warning for subr.el

* lisp/subr.el (number-sequence): Simplify to avoid byte compiler warning.
parent c63e7f1b
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......@@ -679,12 +679,11 @@ of course, also replace TO with a slightly larger value
(list from)
(or inc (setq inc 1))
(when (zerop inc) (error "The increment can not be zero"))
(let (seq (n 0) (next from) (last from))
(let (seq (n 0) (next from))
(if (> inc 0)
(while (<= next to)
(setq seq (cons next seq)
n (1+ n)
last next
next (+ from (* n inc))))
(while (>= next to)
(setq seq (cons next seq)
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