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f0ebd919 (origin/emacs-27) ; * doc/lispref/anti.texi (Antinews): Fi...
6f059159 Update Acknowledgments sections
e1262d45 Update Antinews in ELisp manual
fd8128f0 ; Move the description of define-inline to a different nod...
524441d6 Improve wording in the ELisp manual
8addfa91 Reset to the standard value when reverting session's custo...
d6f9b097 Fix saving multiple themes
c556aabd Calc: fix interval entry (bug#39040)
91cd3c13 Fix horizontal line display in Custom buffers
15c8e984 ; * etc/NEWS: Fix a typo.
ff8996a3 flymake: fix typo in variable binding (bug#38752)
16eaaa07 ; Minor spelling fixes
5efe7956 Update Antinews in the Emacs manual
58412402 Use NSNumber instead of BOOL (bug#39047)
beec9f64 Add comment on fido-mode's file-sorting semantics
eb3c6ad3 Consider non-string minibuffer-default in icomplete

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