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    * keymap.c (Fdefine_key, Flookup_key, describe_map): Don't assume · d09b2024
    Jim Blandy authored
    	that Flength returns an integer.
    	* keymap.c: Deal with autoloaded keymaps properly.
            (get_keymap_1): Renamed to inner_get_keymap; made
    	static.  New argument AUTOLOAD says to pursue autoloads if
    	(Fkeymapp, get_keymap, get_keyelt, Flookup_key): Ask get_keymap_1
    	not to perform autoloads.
    	(Fdefine_key): Ask get_keymap_1 to perform autoloads.  Since
    	autoloading may GC, remember that we have to GCPRO our local
    	variables now.
    	(Fminor_mode_key_binding): Call get_keymap instead of calling
    	get_keymap_1 with equivalent arguments.
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