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    * xdisp.c (display_text_line): Apply faces to characters · 07e34cb0
    Jim Blandy authored
    	according to overlays and text properties; use
    	compute_char_face and compute_glyph_face to figure out what
    	face to use, and where a new face starts.
    	* xterm.c (dumpglyphs): Use the upper bits of the glyphs to decide
    	which frame face to use.  Call GLYPH_FOLLOW_ALIASES to make sure
    	we're implementing the glyph table properly.  If we're not using
    	the default or mode line face, call intern_face to find a display
    	face for the frame face selected by the glyph code.  Implement
    	underlining.  Remove the `font' argument; we have to derive this
    	from the frame and face anyway.  Change all callers.
    	* disptab.h (GLYPH_FOLLOW_ALIASES): New macro.
    	* xterm.c (x_destroy_window): Call free_frame_faces.
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