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    Fix cursor motion across display strings covering reordered text. · 0e14fe90
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/xdisp.c (set_cursor_from_row): Set start and stop points
     according to the row's direction when priming the loop that looks
     for the glyph on which to display cursor.
     (single_display_spec_intangible_p): Function deleted.
     (display_prop_intangible_p): Reimplement to call
     handle_display_spec instead of single_display_spec_intangible_p.
     Accept 3 additional arguments needed by handle_display_spec.  This
     fixes incorrect cursor motion across display property with complex
     values: lists, `(when COND...)' forms, etc.
     (single_display_spec_string_p): Support property values that are
     lists with the argument STRING its top-level element.
     (display_prop_string_p): Fix the condition for processing a
     property that is a list to be consistent with handle_display_spec.
     src/keyboard.c (adjust_point_for_property): Adjust the call to
     display_prop_intangible_p to its new signature.
     src/dispextern.h (display_prop_intangible_p): Adjust prototype.
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