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    Some more changes from Michael K. Johnson for Linux. · 161aa2f8
    Jim Blandy authored
    	* s/template.h: Mention that you should #define HAVE_TERMIO or
    	HAVE_TERMIOS, but not both, and that HAVE_TERMIOS is preferred.
    	* systty.h (EMACS_SET_TTY_PGRP): Don't assign the return value of
    	tcsetpgrp to *pgid; it's just a status value.
    	* config.h.in (HAVE_RANDOM): This shouldn't be defined on Linux
    	systems using XFree386, and perhaps is inappropriate in general.
    	* m/intel386.h: #undefine the integer size macros, since the Linux
    	<values.h> file #defines them itself.
    	* mem-limits.h (get_lim_data): Linux has the ulimit call; if it
    	fails, fall back on ULIMIT_BREAK_VALUE.
    	* process.c: Linux needs the WAITTYPE, etc. definitions.
    	* unexec.c (hdr, ohdr): Linux has the ordinary `struct exec' type;
    	no need to use SYSV names.
    	* s/linux.h: New file.
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