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    Be more careful if selected window shows the buffer other than current, · 170da1ec
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    use window_outdated only if this is not so.  This change should also
    address some weird issues discussed in Bug#13012.
    * window.h (window_outdated): New prototype.
    * window.c (window_outdated): Now here.  Convert from static and
    always assume window's buffer.
    (Fwindow_end, Fwindow_line_height): Use it.
    * xdisp.c (reconsider_clip_changes): Remove prototype, drop 2nd arg
    and always assume window's buffer.
    (redisplay_window): Adjust user.
    (redisplay_internal): Call to reconsider_clip_change once and
    check whether mode line should be updated only if selected window
    shows current buffer.
    (run_window_scroll_functions): Use eassert for debugging check.
    (Fmove_point_visually, note_mouse_highlight): Use window_outdated.
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