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    * frame.h (FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY): Make sure frame is marked as · 1dc77cc3
    Jim Blandy authored
    	garbaged whenever it goes from invisible to visible.
    	* dispextern.h (frame_garbaged): Move extern declaration from here...
    	* frame.h (frame_garbaged): ... to here.  The FRAME_SAMPLE_VISIBILITY
    	macro uses it now, and this seems to be just as modular.  Make a
    	new page, just for this and message_buf_print.
    	(struct frame): Doc fix for the `visible' field.
    	* process.c: #include "frame.h" instead of "dispextern.h"; the
    	only thing we care about from it is the frame_garbaged
    	* ymakefile: Note dependency change.
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