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    Use XFT in Lucid dialogs if available. · 1ecb2d3f
    Jan Djärv authored
    	* xmenu.c (apply_systemfont_to_dialog): New.
    	(create_and_show_dialog): Call apply_systemfont_to_dialog if HAVE_XFT.
    	* lwlib-Xaw.c (widget_xft_data): New for Xft data.
    	(fill_xft_data, openFont, get_text_width_and_height)
    	(draw_text, set_text, find_xft_data, command_press)
    	(command_reset): New functions.
    	(xaw_update_one_widget): Call set_text for dialog and buttons
    	if HAVE_XFT.  Also set internalHeight for buttons.
    	(xaw_destroy_instance): Free all Xft related data.
    	(button_actions, buttonTrans): New structures.
    	(make_dialog): Call XtAppAddActions for button_actions.
    	Find xft font to use and call fill_xft_data for widgets.
    	(xaw_create_dialog): Pass instance parameter to make_dialog.
    	* lwlib-int.h (_widget_instance): Add Xft data if HAVE_XFT.
    	Override translations for buttons.  If depth is 16 or more, tell
    	Xaw3d to not be nice to colormap.
    	Remove separator widget, use XtNhorizDistance on first right button
    	* xresources.texi (Lucid Resources): Mention faceName for dialogs.
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