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    Fix biggest memory leaks in NS-port. More remain. · 204ee57f
    Jan Djärv authored
    * emacs.c (ns_pool): New variable.
    (main): Assign ns_pool.
    (Fkill_emacs): Call ns_release_autorelease_pool.
    * nsfns.m (x_set_background_color): Assign return value from
    ns_index_color to face-background instead of NSColor*.
    (ns_implicitly_set_icon_type): Fix indentation.
    Change assignment in for loop to comparison.
    * nsfont.m (ns_spec_to_descriptor): Fix indentation,
    autorelease fdesc, release fdAttrs and tdict.
    (ns_get_covering_families): Release charset.
    (ns_findfonts): Release NSFontDescriptor created with new.
    (ns_uni_to_glyphs): Fix indentation.
    (setString): Release attrStr before assigning new value.
    * nsmenu.m (ns_update_menubar): Call free_menubar_widget_value_tree
    before returning.
    * nsterm.m (x_free_frame_resources): Release
    (ns_index_color): Fix indentation.  Do not retain
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