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    New unwind-protect flavors to better type-check C callbacks. · 27e498e6
    Paul Eggert authored
    This also lessens the need to write wrappers for callbacks,
    and the need for make_save_pointer.
    * alloca.c (free_save_value):
    * atimer.c (run_all_atimers):
    Now extern.
    * alloc.c (safe_alloca_unwind):
    * atimer.c (unwind_stop_other_atimers):
    * keyboard.c (cancel_hourglass_unwind) [HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM]:
    * menu.c (cleanup_popup_menu) [HAVE_NS]:
    * minibuf.c (choose_minibuf_frame_1):
    * process.c (make_serial_process_unwind):
    * xdisp.h (pop_message_unwind):
    * xselect.c (queue_selection_requests_unwind):
    Remove no-longer-needed wrapper.  All uses replaced by the wrappee.
    * alloca.c (record_xmalloc):
    Prefer record_unwind_protect_ptr to record_unwind_protect with
    * alloca.c (Fgarbage_collect):
    Prefer record_unwind_protect_void to passing a dummy.
    * buffer.c (restore_buffer):
    * window.c (restore_window_configuration):
    * xfns.c, w32fns.c (do_unwind_create_frame)
    New wrapper.  All record-unwind uses of wrappee changed.
    * buffer.c (set_buffer_if_live):
    * callproc.c (call_process_cleanup, delete_temp_file):
    * coding.c (code_conversion_restore):
    * dired.c (directory_files_internal_w32_unwind) [WINDOWSNT]:
    * editfns.c (save_excursion_restore)
    (subst_char_in_region_unwind, subst_char_in_region_unwind_1)
    * eval.c (restore_stack_limits, un_autoload):
    * fns.c (require_unwind):
    * keyboard.c (recursive_edit_unwind, tracking_off):
    * lread.c (record_load_unwind, load_warn_old_style_backquotes):
    * macros.c (pop_kbd_macro, restore_menu_items):
    * nsfns.m (unwind_create_frame):
    * print.c (print_unwind):
    * process.c (start_process_unwind):
    * search.c (unwind_set_match_data):
    * window.c (select_window_norecord, select_frame_norecord):
    * xdisp.c (unwind_with_echo_area_buffer, unwind_format_mode_line)
    * xfns.c, w32fns.c (unwind_create_tip_frame):
    Return void, not a dummy Lisp_Object.  All uses changed.
    * buffer.h (set_buffer_if_live): Move decl here from lisp.h.
    * callproc.c (call_process_kill):
    * fileio.c (restore_point_unwind, decide_coding_unwind)
    * insdel.c (Fcombine_after_change_execute_1):
    * keyboard.c (read_char_help_form_unwind):
    * menu.c (unuse_menu_items):
    * minibuf.c (run_exit_minibuf_hook, read_minibuf_unwind):
    * sound.c (sound_cleanup):
    * xdisp.c (unwind_redisplay):
    * xfns.c (clean_up_dialog):
    * xselect.c (x_selection_request_lisp_error, x_catch_errors_unwind):
    Accept no args and return void, instead of accepting and returning
    a dummy Lisp_Object.  All uses changed.
    * cygw32.c (fchdir_unwind):
    * fileio.c (close_file_unwind):
    * keyboard.c (restore_kboard_configuration):
    * lread.c (readevalllop_1):
    * process.c (wait_reading_process_output_unwind):
    Accept int and return void, rather than accepting an Emacs integer
    and returning a dummy object.  In some cases this fixes an
    unlikely bug when the corresponding int is outside Emacs integer
    range.  All uses changed.
    * dired.c (directory_files_internal_unwind):
    * fileio.c (do_auto_save_unwind):
    * gtkutil.c (pop_down_dialog):
    * insdel.c (reset_var_on_error):
    * lread.c (load_unwind):
    * xfns.c (clean_up_file_dialog):
    * xmenu.c, nsmenu.m (pop_down_menu):
    * xmenu.c (cleanup_widget_value_tree):
    * xselect.c (wait_for_property_change_unwind):
    Accept pointer and return void, rather than accepting an Emacs
    save value encapsulating the pointer and returning a dummy object.
    All uses changed.
    * editfns.c (Fformat): Update the saved pointer directly via
    set_unwind_protect_ptr rather than indirectly via make_save_pointer.
    * eval.c (specpdl_func): Remove.  All uses replaced by definiens.
    (unwind_body): New function.
    (record_unwind_protect): First arg is now a function returning void,
    not a dummy Lisp_Object.
    (record_unwind_protect_ptr, record_unwind_protect_int)
    (record_unwind_protect_void): New functions.
    (unbind_to): Support SPECPDL_UNWIND_PTR etc.
    * fileio.c (struct auto_save_unwind): New type.
    (do_auto_save_unwind): Use it.
    (do_auto_save_unwind_1): Remove; subsumed by new do_auto_save_unwind.
    * insdel.c (struct rvoe_arg): New type.
    (reset_var_on_error): Use it.
    New constants.
    (specbinding_func): Remove; there are now several such functions.
    (union specbinding): New members unwind_ptr, unwind_int, unwind_void.
    (set_unwind_protect_ptr): New function.
    * xselect.c: Remove unnecessary forward decls, to simplify maintenance.
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