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    (Specified Dates): Fix names of iso functions. · 373cb509
    Glenn Morris authored
    (General Calendar): There may not be another window.
    (Writing Calendar Files, Holidays): Tweak intro.
    (Holidays): Mention Baha'i and Chinese holidays.
    (Sunrise/Sunset): Add M-x calendar-sunrise-sunset-month.
    (Lunar Phases): Remove incorrect reference to calendar-time-zone.
    (To Other Calendar): Add calendar-print-other-dates.
    Refer to "graphic display" rather than "X.
    (From Other Calendar): Add calendar-bahai-goto-date.  Fix reference.
    (Displaying the Diary): Fix whitespace after reference.
    Fix `diary-number-of-entries' reference.
    (Date Formats): Explicitly mention that day names can be abbreviated.
    (Adding to Diary): Add some references to other sections.
    (Special Diary Entries): Fix reference.
    (Appointments): Simplify appt-message-warning-time entry.
    Clarify where times must be.
    (Importing Diary): Comment out icalendar paragraph that does not apply.
    (Time Intervals): Simplify entry for timeclock-ask-before-exiting.
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