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    (help-highlight-face): Use underline. · 400a1b1f
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (help-mode-maybe): Ensure read-only.
    (help-xref-button): Obey help-highlight-p.
    (help-follow): Remove check for args being a list.
    (help-mode): Doc fix.
    (help-highlight-p): Put in help group.
    (help-make-xrefs): Insert button label in scope of
    inhibit-read-only binding.
    (help-mode-map, help-make-xrefs): Define TAB, RET correctly.
    Make hyperlinks for cross-reference info intuited from *Help* buffer.
    (help-font-lock-keywords): Removed.
    (help-mode-map): Define keys for navigating hyperlinks.
    (help-xref-stack, help-xref-stack-item): New permanent-local variables.
    (help-mode): Set font-lock-defaults to nil.
    (help-mode-maybe): Invoke help-make-xrefs in Help mode.
    (help-setup-xref): New function.
    (describe-key, describe-mode, describe-function,
    describe-variable): Call it.
    (view-lossage, describe-bindings): Nullify help-xref-stack,
    (help-highlight-p): New option.
    (help-highlight-face): New variable.
    (help-back-label, help-xref-symbol-regexp, help-xref-info-regexp):
    New variables.
    (help-setup-xref, help-make-xrefs, help-xref-button,
    help-xref-interned, help-xref-mode, help-follow-mouse,
    help-xref-go-back, help-go-back, help-follow, help-next-ref): New functions.
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