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    Changes for supporting mouse/modeline highlight and help echo features: · 41ad069b
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    (dos_set_window_size) [__DJGPP__ > 1]: If the frame
    dimensions changed, invalidate the mouse highlight info.
    (disable_mouse_highlight, help_echo, previous_help_echo): New
    (IT_set_mouse_pointer, show_mouse_face, clear_mouse_face)
    (fast_find_position, IT_note_mode_line_highlight)
    (IT_note_mouse_highlight): New functions.
    (IT_update_begin): If the redisplay affects the window where the
    mouse highlight is, clear the highlight.  If the frame where the
    highlight was displayed was killed, invalidate the highlight
    (IT_update_end): Reset the highlight flag.  Reset the mouse
    highlight-defer flag.
    (IT_frame_up_to_date): New function, if mouse highlight was
    deferred due to GC, do it now.
    (internal_terminal_init): Initialize mouse-highlight related
    members of the_only_x_display.  Assign IT_frame_up_to_date to
    (dos_rawgetc): If the mouse moved, update mouse highlight.  If
    help_echo changed value, generate a HELP_EVENT event.
    (syms_of_msdos): Staticpro help_echo and previous_help_echo.
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