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    * buffer.c (Qclone_number): Remove for now, as it's unused. · 4475bec4
    Paul Eggert authored
    (record_buffer, Funrecord_buffer): Rename local to avoid shadowing.
    (record_buffer): Remove unused local.
    * frame.c (other_visible_frames, frame_buffer_list): Now static.
    (set_frame_buffer_list): Remove; unused.
    * frame.h (other_visible_frames): Remove decl.
    * keyboard.h (menu_items_inuse): Declare only if USE_GTK || USE_MOTIF.
    * lisp.h (frame_buffer_list, set_frame_buffer_list): Remove decls.
    (add_gpm_wait_descriptor, delete_gpm_wait_descriptor): Declare only
    if HAVE_GPM.
    * menu.c (menu_items_inuse): Now static unless USE_GTK || USE_MOTIF.
    * process.c (add_gpm_wait_descriptor, delete_gpm_wait_descriptor):
    Define only if HAVE_GPM.
    * widget.c (EmacsFrameResize, emacsFrameClassRec): Now static.
    (update_hints_inhibit): Remove; never set.  All uses removed.
    * widgetprv.h (emacsFrameClassRec): Remove decl.
    * window.c (delete_deletable_window): Now returns void, since it
    wasn't returning anything.
    (compare_window_configurations): Remove unused locals.
    * xfns.c (x_set_scroll_bar_default_width): Remove unused locals.
    * xmenu.c (x_menu_set_in_use): Define only if USE_GTK || USE_MOTIF.
    Omit no-longer-needed #ifdef USE_X_TOOLKIT, since USE_X_TOOLKIT is
    implied by USE_GTK || USE_MOTIF.
    (dialog_selection_callback) [!USE_GTK]: Prefer intptr_t for integers
    the same widths as pointers.  This follows up on the 2011-05-06 patch.
    * xterm.c (x_alloc_lighter_color_for_widget): Define only if USE_LUCID.
    * xterm.h: Likewise.
    (x_menu_set_in_use): Declare only if USE_GTK || USE_MOTIF.
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