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    Hide specified message types sent by lurkers · 487a247f
    Josh Feinstein authored
    * erc.el (erc-display-message): Abstract message hiding decision
    to new function erc-hide-current-message-p.
    (erc-lurker): New customization group.
    (erc-lurker-state, erc-lurker-trim-nicks, erc-lurker-ignore-chars)
    (erc-lurker-hide-list, erc-lurker-cleanup-interval)
    (erc-lurker-threshold-time): New variables.
    (erc-lurker-maybe-trim, erc-lurker-initialize, erc-lurker-cleanup)
    (erc-hide-current-message-p, erc-canonicalize-server-name)
    (erc-lurker-update-status, erc-lurker-p): New functions.  Together
    they maintain state about which users have spoken in the last
    erc-lurker-threshold-time, with all other users being considered
    lurkers whose messages of types in erc-lurker-hide-list will not
    be displayed by erc-display-message.
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