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    * window.c (window_loop): This used to keep track of the first · 4b206065
    Jim Blandy authored
    	window processed and wait until we came back around to it.  Sadly,
    	this doesn't work if that window gets deleted.  So instead, use
    	Fprevious_window to find the last window to process, and loop
    	until we've done that one.
    	* window.c [not MULTI_FRAME] (init_window_once): Don't forget to
    	set the `mini_p' flag on the new minibuffer window to t.
    	* window.c (Fwindow_at): Don't check the type of the frame
    	* window.c [not MULTI_FRAME] (window_loop): Set frame to zero,
    	instead of trying to decode it.
    	* window.c (init_window_once): Initialize minibuf_window before
    	FRAME_ROOT_WINDOW, so the latter actually points to something.
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