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    Remove a lot of old and obsolete info. · 52151df0
    Glenn Morris authored
    (titlepage): Simplify.
    (Emacs 19 MUAs, Emacs 18 MUAs, MH-E with any Emacsen)
    (VM with any Emacsen, GNEWS with any Emacsen)
    (Overloading for Non-conforming MUAs, Version 3 Changes)
    (The Supercite Mailing List): Delete nodes.
    (Introduction): Remove info about old packages.
    (Getting Connected): Simplify.  Remove info about old packages.
    (Citing Commands): Delete Emacs 19 info.
    (Hints to MUA Authors): Simplify.
    (Thanks and History): Merge in some info from the deleted node
    "Version 3 Changes".
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