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    Fix bug #11519 with relocation of buffer text during regex search. · 52c55cc7
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/lisp.h [REL_ALLOC]: Add prototypes for external functions
     defined on ralloc.c.
     src/buffer.c [REL_ALLOC]: Remove prototypes of
     r_alloc_reset_variable, r_alloc, r_re_alloc, and r_alloc_free,
     they are now on lisp.h.
     src/ralloc.c (r_alloc_inhibit_buffer_relocation): New function.
     src/search.c (search_buffer): Use it to inhibit relocation of buffer
     text while re_search_2 is doing its job, because re_search_2 is
     passed C pointers to buffer text.
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