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    Make src headers idempotent and standalone · 55ba8c02
    Paul Eggert authored
    Redo src/*.h so that each include file is idempotent (that is, can
    be included multiple times with the latter inclusions having no
    effect) and standalone (that is, can be included by itself,
    with no include file other than config.h needed as a prerequisite).
    This is standard practice in GNU programs nowadays.
    * lwlib/lwlib-widget.h, src/buffer.h, src/category.h, src/character.h:
    * src/charset.h, src/coding.h, src/commands.h, src/disptab.h:
    * src/fontset.h, src/gnutls.h, src/indent.h, src/keymap.h, src/macros.h:
    * src/regex.h [emacs]:
    * src/syntax.h, src/systty.h, src/termhooks.h:
    Include lisp.h, for Lisp_Object.
    * src/buffer.h, src/category.h, src/cm.h, src/commands.h, src/disptab.h:
    * src/indent.h, src/intervals.h, src/keyboard.h, src/macros.h:
    * src/process.h, src/puresize.h, src/region-cache.h, src/syntax.h:
    * src/syssignal.h, src/sysstdio.h, src/systty.h, src/termchar.h:
    * src/termopts.h, src/tparam.h, src/unexec.h:
    Protect against multiple inclusion.
    * src/b...
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