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    * eval.c (Fcondition_case): Rearranged for clarity. Don't worry · 82da7701
    Jim Blandy authored
    	about setting h.poll_suppress_count; it's guaranteed to be the
    	same as c.poll_suppress_count.
    	(internal_condition_case): Don't worry about
    	(Fsignal): Use h->tag->poll_suppress_count instead of
    	* eval.c (Fsignal): It's okay for the debugger to return to the
    	caller if the caller was signalling a quit.
    	* eval.c (unbind_catch): Restore the polling suppression count
    	here, instead of in Fsignal and Fthrow.
    	(Fthrow, Fsignal): Don't restore the polling suppression count here.
    	* eval.c (struct catchtag): More documentation.
    	* eval.c (entering_debugger): Variable renamed
    	when_entered_debugger, and is now a timestamp based on
    	(init_eval): Initialize when_entered_debugger, not
    	(call_debugger): Set when_entered_debugger to the current value of
    	(find_handler_clause): Don't call debugger unless
    	num_nonmacro_input_chars is greater than when_entered_debugger;
    	that way, we won't call the debugger unless the user has had a
    	chance to take control.
    	(Fbacktrace): Don't clear entering_debugger here.
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