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    Add support for large files, 64-bit Solaris, system locale codings. · 68c45bf0
    Paul Eggert authored
    * Makefile.in (emacs): Set the LC_ALL environment variable to "C"
    when dumping, so that the dumped Emacs doesn't have stray locale info.
    (dired.o): Depend on systime.h.
    (editfns.o): Depend on coding.h.
    * alloc.c, buffer.c, callproc.c, ccl.c, charset.c, coding.c, data.c,
    dispnew.c, editfns.c, emacs.c, filelock.c, floatfns.c, hftctl.c,
    keyboard.c, process.c, sysdep.c, unexelf.c, unexhp9k800.c,
    unexsunos4.c, vmsfns.c, vmsgmalloc.c, w32faces.c, w32menu.c, w32term.c,
    w32xfns.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c, xmenu.c, xterm.c:
    Include <config.h> before any system include files.
    * alloc.c, buffer.c, ccl.c, data.c, editfns.c, emacs.c, eval.c,
    fileio.c, filelock.c, frame.c, insdel.c, keymap.c, lread.c,
    m/alpha.h, print.c, search.c, sysdep.c, xdisp.c, xfaces.c, xfns.c,
    xmenu.c, xterm.c:
    Do not include <stdlib.h>, as <config.h> does this now.
    * callproc.c (Fcall_process):
    Synchronize messages locale before invoking strerror.
    Decode resulting string with locale-coding-system.
    * coding.c (Vlocale_coding_system): New var.
    (syms_of_coding): Adjust to above change.
    (emacs_strerror): New function.
    * coding.h (emacs_strerror, Vlocale_coding_system): New decls.
    HAVE_STRSIGNAL): New macros.
    (BITS_PER_LONG): Default to 64 if _LP64 is defined.
    <stdlib.h>: Include if HAVE_STDLIB_H is defined and NOT_C_CODE isn't.
    * dired.c: Include "systime.h".
    (Ffile_attributes): Do not cast s.st_size to int; this loses
    information if int is 32 bits but st_size and EMACS_INT are larger.
    Treat large device numbers like large inode numbers.
    * dispnew.c (PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT): Use __fpending if available.
    * editfns.c: Include coding.h.
    (emacs_strftime): Remove decl.
    (emacs_strftimeu): New decl.
    (emacs_memftimeu): Renamed from emacs_memftime; new arg UT.
    Use emacs_strftimeu instead of emacs_strftime.
    (Fformat_time_string): Convert format string using
    Vlocale_coding_system, and convert result back.  Synchronize time
    locale before invoking lower level function.  Invoke
    emacs_memftimeu, passing ut, instead of emacs_memftime.
    * emacs.c: Include <locale.h> if HAVE_SETLOCALE is defined.
    (Vmessages_locale, Vprevious_messages_locale, Vtime_locale,
    Vprevious_time_locale): New variables.
    (main): Invoke setlocale early, so that initial error messages are
    localized properly.  But skip locale-setting if LC_ALL is "C".
    Fix up locale when it's safe to do so.
    (fixup_locale): Moved here from xterm.c.
    (synchronize_locale, synchronize_time_locale,
    synchronize_messages_locale): New functions.
    (syms_of_emacs): Accommodate above changes.
    * fileio.c (report_file_error): Convert strerror output according
    to Vlocale_coding_system.
    (Finsert_file_contents): Check for arithmetic overflow in
    computations that depend on file size.  Report IO errors
    with emacs_strerror, not strerror.
    * fns.c (Fgethash): Declare dflt parameter.
    * gmalloc.c: Do not define const to nothing if HAVE_CONFIG_H
    is defined; that's config.h's job.
    default these values to long, BITS_PER_LONG, and unsigned long.
    (VALBITS, MARKBIT, XINT): Do not assume 32-bit EMACS_INT.
    (PNTR_COMPARISON_TYPE): Default to EMACS_UINT, not to unsigned int.
    (code_convert_string_norecord, fixup_locale,
    synchronize_messages_locale, synchronize_time_locale,
    emacs_open, emacs_close, emacs_read, emacs_write): New decls.
    All Emacs callers of open, close, read, write changed to use
    emacs_open, emacs_close, emacs_read, emacs_write.
    * lread.c (file_offset, file_tell): New macros.  All uses of ftell
    changed to file_tell.
    (saved_doc_string_position, prev_saved_doc_string_position): Now
    of type file_offset.
    (init_lread): Do not fix locale here; fixup_locale now does this.
    * m/amdahl.h, s/usg5-4.h:
    (NSIG): Remove.
    (NSIG_MINIMUM): New macro.
    * m/cydra5.h, m/dpx2.h, m/mips.h, m/pfa50.h, m/sps7.h, m/stride.h,
    m/ustation.h, s/gnu-linux.h, s/hpux.h, s/iris3-5.h, s/iris3-6.h,
    s/umips.h, s/usg5-4.h:
    (SIGIO): Do not undef.
    (BROKEN_SIGIO): New macro.
    * m/ustation.h:
    (SIGTSTP): Do not undef.
    (BROKEN_SIGTSTP): New macro.
    * s/gnu-linux.h:
    (SIGPOLL, SIGURG): Do not undef.
    * s/ptx4.h:
    (SIGINFO): Do not undef.
    (BROKEN_SIGINFO): New macros.
    * m/delta.h, s/ptx.h, s/template.h: Doc fix.
    * mktime.c, strftime.c: Update to glibc 2.1.2 version, with
    some Emacs-related changes merged.
    * print.c (float_to_string): Prepend "-" to representation of a
    NaN if the NaN is negative.
    * process.c (sys_siglist): Omit if HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
    (wait_reading_process_input): Use emacs_strerror, not strerror.
    * process.c (status_message, sigchld_handler): Synchronize locale,
    then use strsignal istead of sys_siglist.
    * w32proc.c (sys_wait): Likewise.
    * s/aix3-1.h, s/bsd4-1.h, s/dgux.h, s/gnu-linux.h, s/hiuxmpp.h,
    s/hpux.h, s/iris3-5.h, s/iris3-6.h, s/irix3-3.h, s/osf1.h, s/rtu.h,
    s/sunos4-1.h, s/unipl5-0.h, s/unipl5-2.h, s/usg5-0.h, s/usg5-2-2.h,
    s/usg5-2.h, s/usg5-3.h, s/xenix.h:
    (open, close, read, write, INTERRUPTIBLE_OPEN,
    * s/sol2-5.h (_LARGEFILE_SOURCE, _FILE_OFFSET_BITS): New macros.
    * sysdep.c (sys_read, sys_write, read, write, sys_close, close,
    sys_open, open): Remove.
    (emacs_open, emacs_close, emacs_read, emacs_write): Always define;
    macros are no longer used.
    (emacs_open): Renamed from sys_open.  Merge BSD4_1 version.
    (emacs_close): Renamed from sys_close.
    (emacs_read): Renamed from sys_read.
    (emacs_write): Renamed from sys_write.
    (sys_siglist): Do not declare if HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
    (dup2): Do not print error on failure; the real dup2 doesn't.
    (strsignal): New function, defined if !HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
    * syssignal.h (SIGINFO): Undef if defined and if BROKEN_SIGINFO
    is defined.
    (NSIG): If less than NSIG_MINIMUM, define to NSIG_MINIMUM.
    (strsignal): Declare if !HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
    * unexelf.c (ElfBitsW, ELFSIZE, ElfExpandBitsW): New macros.
    (ElfW): Define in terms of ElfExpandBitsW.
    * w32proc.c (sys_siglist): Remove decl.
    * xdisp.c (decode_mode_spec): 3rd arg is int, not char, to comply
    with ANSI C.
    (display_string): Declare face_string_pos arg.
    * xfns.c (Fx_show_tip): Declare timeout param.
    * xterm.c: No need to include locale.h.
    (x_alloc_lighter_color, x_setup_relief_color):
    Pass arg as double, not float, for compatibility with ANSI C.
    (fixup_locale): Move to emacs.c.
    (x_term_init): Do not setlocale or fixup locale; the main program
    does this now.
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