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    * process.h (struct Lisp_Process): Replace Lisp_Objects `pid', · 6bfd98e7
    Stefan Monnier authored
    `raw_status_high', and `raw_status_low' with plain integers, and move
    them to the end of the structure.
    * alloc.c (allocate_process): Use PSEUDOVECSIZE to initialize the
    pseudovector's size field so only the Lisp_Object fields get GC'd.
    * process.c (update_status, make_process, Fdelete_process)
    (Fprocess_status, list_processes_1, start_process_unwind)
    (create_process, Fmake_network_process, server_accept_connection)
    (wait_reading_process_output, send_process, Fprocess_running_child_p)
    (process_send_signal, proc_encode_coding_system, Fprocess_send_eof)
    (sigchld_handler, status_notify): Adjust to new non-Lisp fields for
    `pid' and `raw_status'.
    (Fprocess_id, Fsignal_process): Same, and additionally use floats when
    representing PIDs that are larger than most-positive-fixnum.
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