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    (MINIMUM_CONVERSION_BUFFER_SIZE): Macro deleted. · 73be902c
    Kenichi Handa authored
    (conversion_buffer, conversion_buffer_size): Variables deleted.
    (get_conversion_buffer): Function deleted.
    (struct conversion_buffer): New structure.
    (MAX_ALLOCA): New macro.
    (allocate_conversion_buffer): New macro.
    (extend_conversion_buffer, free_conversion_buffer): New functions.
    (ccl_coding_driver): Set coding->result.
    (decode_coding): Set coding->result to CODING_FINISH_NORMAL if
    this is the last block of source.
    (encode_coding): Likewise.  Handle the source block as the last
    one only when the whole source text is consumed.
    (decode_coding_string): Handle the case that the output buffer is
    too small to decode the whole source text.  Use
    allocate_conversion_buffer, extend_conversion_buffer and
    free_conversion_buffer, not get_conversion_buffer.
    (encode_coding_string): Likewise.
    (init_coding): Function deleted.
    (init_coding_once): Delete code to initialize
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