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    Don't test symmetric operations on gpg 2.0 (Bug#23561) · 7acb87ab
    Noam Postavsky authored
    On the Hydra test machines, which have gpg 2.0, the symmetric tests
    * test/lisp/epg-tests.el (with-epg-tests): Pass REQUIRE-PUBLIC-KEY to
    `epg-tests-find-usable-gpg-configuration' and call it before
    `epg-make-context' so that the latter uses the resulting cached
    (epg-tests-find-usable-gpg-configuration): Only allow gpg 2.0 for
    symmetric operations.  Clear `epg--configurations' and don't pass
    NO-CACHE to `epg-find-configuration'.
    (epg-tests--config-program-alist): Use copy-tree to avoid modifying
    the epg-config--program-alist cons values.
    * test/lisp/emacs-lisp/package-tests.el (package-test-signed): Allow
    running with gpg 2.0.
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