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    Add support for preserving ACL entries of files. · 7c3d167f
    Romain Francoise authored
    	* configure.ac (acl): New option.
    	(HAVE_POSIX_ACL): Test for POSIX ACL support.  This is typically
    	provided by libacl on GNU/Linux.
    	* fileio.c (Ffile_acl, Fset_file_acl): New functions.
    	(Fcopy_file): Change last arg to `preserve_extended_attributes'
    	and copy ACL entries of file in addition to SELinux context if
    	(syms_of_fileio): Add `file-acl' and `set-file-acl'.
    	* Makefile.in (LIBACL_LIBS): New macro.
    	(LIBES): Use it.
    	* files.el (file-extended-attributes)
    	(set-file-extended-attributes): New functions.
    	(backup-buffer): Use them to handle both SELinux context and ACL
    	(backup-buffer-copy): Work with an alist of extended attributes,
    	rather than an SELinux context.
    	(basic-save-buffer-2): Ditto.
    	* files.texi (File Attributes): Document ACL support and new
    	`file-acl' function.
    	(Changing Files): Mention argument name change of `copy-file' and
    	document new function `set-file-acl'.
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