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    * frame.el: Clean up initialization code. · 7eadab74
    Jim Blandy authored
    	(initial-frame-alist): Doc fix.
    	(minibuffer-frame-alist): New default value, with a reasonable height.
    	(filtered-frame-list, minibuffer-frame-list): New functions.
    	(frame-initialize): Use minibuffer-frame-list, instead of writing
    	it out.
    	(frame-notice-user-settings): Thoroughly rearranged.
    	Notice changes to default-frame-alist as well as initial-frame-alist.
    	Properly handle requests to make the initial frame into a
    	minibufferless or minibuffer-only frame.
    	Create a minibuffer-only frame if the initial frame should lack a
    	minibuffer and there are no other minibuffer frames created by the
    	user's initialization file.
    	Fix any frames using the initial frame as a surrogate minibuffer
    	Restore the current buffer after creating and deleting all these
    	* frame.el (set-default-font, set-frame-background,
    	set-frame-foreground, set-cursor-color, set-pointer-color,
    	set-auto-raise, set-auto-lower, set-vertical-bar,
    	set-horizontal-bar): Give these docstrings.
    	(set-auto-raise, set-auto-lower, set-vertical-bar,
    	set-horizontal-bar): Make these toggle or look at the prefix
    	argument, like minor modes.
    	* frame.el (set-vertical-bar): Use the proper parameter symbol.
    	(set-horizontal-bar): Signal an error indicating that horizontal
    	scrollbars are not implemented.
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