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    Fix a bug in the state cache mechanism. Refactor this a bit. · 267eacb5
    Alan Mackenzie authored
    cc-engine.el (c-parse-state-get-strategy): Remove the `cache-pos' element
    from the return value.
    (c-append-lower-brace-pair-to-state-cache): "Narrow" to end of buffer to
    enable proper searching from beyond HERE.
    Amend the test for detecting the sought brace pair.  Amend the value
    written to the "brace desert cache" when the brace isn't found.
    (c-remove-stale-state-cache): Rename `good-pos' to `start-point', and
    several other variables analogously.
    (c-remove-stale-state-cache-backwards): Change `cache-pos' from a
    parameter to a locally calculated variable.
    (c-parse-state-1): Change the calling conventions to the two defuns
    involving `cache-pos'.
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