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    [MSDOS]: Include msdos.h. · 84704c5c
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    (init_tty) [MSDOS]: Reuse most of WINDOWSNT branch.  Change cpp conditional
    to DOS_NT.  Allow only one call to this function in a session.  Don't
    allocate a new struct tty_display_info; instead, reuse the_only_display_info.
    Call get_tty_size to get screen dimensions.  Call init_baud_rate to set
    (dissociate_if_controlling_tty) [MSDOS]: Ifdef away function body.
    (Fsuspend_tty) [MSDOS]: Don't close input and output.
    (Fresume_tty) [MSDOS]: Don't reopen the TTY; instead, use stdin/stdout.
    (get_tty_terminal, get_named_tty, Ftty_type)
    (Fcontrolling_tty_p): Handle output_msdos_raw in addition to output_termcap.
    (Fresume_tty, Fsuspend_tty, init_tty, delete_tty): Call
    add_keyboard_wait_descriptor and delete_keyboard_wait_descriptor only when
    subprocesses are supported
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