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    Retrospective commit from 2009-09-19. · 89d3374a
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    Begin work on bidi initialization and other cleanup.
    Remove all STANDALONE code from bidi.c.
     xdisp.c (init_iterator): Call bidi_init_it.  Set
     bidi_it->bytepos if buffer position specified.
     (reseat_1): Don't call bidi_init_it.  Call bidi_paragraph_init
     instead.  Move back to preceding character before the call to
     bidi.c: Remove all STANDALONE parts.
     (bidi_init_it): Init bidi_it->charpos and bidi_it->bytepos to -1.
     Don't call bidi_paragraph_init.  Change arguments.
     (bidi_paragraph_init): Remove code for negative pos.
     dispextern.h <bidi_it>: Rename orig_type to type_after_w1 and
     pristine_type to orig_type.
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