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    Fix handling of window-min-height/-width (Bug#16738). · 8dd3e94f
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * window.el (window--dump-window, window--dump-frame): New
    (window--min-size-1): Account for window dividers.  When
    window-resize-pixelwise is nil, delay rounding till after the
    sum of the window components has been calculated.
    (window--min-delta-1, window--max-delta-1): When PIXELWISE is
    nil make sure at least one text line and two text columns remain
    fully visible.
    (window-resize): Signal an error when window-resize-apply fails.
    (window--resize-child-windows): Fix calculation of by how many
    pixels a window can still be shrunk via window-new-normal.
    (adjust-window-trailing-edge): Call window--resizable with
    correct TRAIL argument.
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