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    Assume POSIX 1003.1-1988 or later for dirent.h. · 95ef7787
    Paul Eggert authored
    * admin/notes/copyright: Adjust to src/ndir.h -> nt/inc/dirent.h renaming.
    * configure.ac: Do not check for dirent.h or closdir.
    * nt/inc/dirent.h: Rename from ../src/ndir.h, with these changes:
    (struct dirent): Rename from struct direct.  All uses changed.
    * nt/inc/sys/dir.h: Remove.
    * src/dired.c: Assume HAVE_DIRENT_H.
    (NAMLEN): Remove, replacing with ...
    (dirent_namelen): New function.  All uses changed.  Use the GNU macro
    _D_EXACT_NAMELEN if available, as it's faster than strlen.
    (DIRENTRY): Remove, replacing all uses with 'struct dirent'.
    (DIRENTRY_NONEMPTY): Remove.  All callers now assume it's nonzero.
    * src/makefile.w32-in (DIR_H): Remove.  All uses replaced with
    ($(BLD)/w32.$(O)): Do not depend on $(SRC)/ndir.h.
    * src/ndir.h: Rename to ../nt/inc/dirent.h.
    * src/sysdep.h (closedir) [!HAVE_CLOSEDIR]: Remove.
    Do not include <dirent.h>; no longer needed.
    * src/w32.c: Include <dirent.h> rather than "ndir.h".
    Fixes: debbugs:12958
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