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    Delete libraries obsolete since 23.1 and 23.2 · b76cdd0c
    Stefan Kangas authored
    Emacs 23.2 was released 10 years ago.  old-whitespace.el has a
    replacement in whitespace.el and is no longer relevant.  The other
    libraries implement compatibility with Lucid Emacs, a modified version
    of Emacs last released in the 1990s.
    * lisp/obsolete/ledit.el:
    * lisp/obsolete/lmenu.el:
    * lisp/obsolete/lucid.el:
    * lisp/obsolete/old-whitespace.el: Delete files.  These libraries have
    been obsolete since Emacs 23.1 or 23.2.
    * etc/NEWS: Announce their deletion.
    * admin/authors.el (authors-ignored-files)
    (authors-fixed-entries, authors-valid-file-names):
    * lisp/emulation/viper.el (viper-mode):
    * lisp/ffap.el (ffap-menu-ask): Remove references to deleted files.
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