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    (grep-regexp-alist) · 983203ee
    Juri Linkov authored
    (grep-mode-font-lock-keywords, grep-process-setup):
    Use default GNU grep match color "01;31m" instead of "01;41m".
    (grep-regexp-alist, grep-mode-font-lock-keywords):
    Use `\\[[0-9]*m' instead of `\\[00m'.
    (grep-regexp-alist): Move `\\(?:\033\\[K\\)?' from sgr_end to
    sgr_start where its handling is more important.  Use the real
    length of sgr_start instead of constant 8.
    (grep-mode-font-lock-keywords): Don't delete `\\(?:\033\\[K\\)?'
    specially.  Delete all remaining escape sequences.
    (grep-process-setup): Set "GREP_COLORS" for GNU grep 2.5.1-cvs.
    (grep-regexp-alist): Make hyperlink only for binary file name
    instead of the whole line.
    (grep-mode-map): Bind `backtab' to `compilation-previous-file'.
    (grep-mode): Add autoload.
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