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    Minor cleanup to avoid forward declarations. · 9d7693d7
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    * coding.h (struct ccl_spec): Remove forward declaration.
    * composite.h (toplevel): Include font.h.
    (struct composition_it, struct face, struct font_metrics):
    Remove forward declaration.
    * dispextern.h (struct image, struct atimer): Likewise.
    * emacsgtkfixed.h (struct frame): Likewise.
    * emacsgtkfixed.c (toplevel): Reorder headers and drop stdio.h.
    * font.h (struct font_driver, struct font, struct glyph_string)
    (struct face): Remove forward declaration.
    * fontset.h (struct face, struct font): Likewise.
    * frame.h (toplevel): Style cleanup.
    (enum output_method): Move to...
    * termhooks.h (enum output_method): ...here.
    (struct glyph, struct frame, struct ns_display_info)
    (struct x_display_info, struct w32_display_info):
    Remove forward declaration.
    * xterm.h (toplevel): Include termhooks.h.
    (struct font, struct window, struct glyph_matrix, struct frame)
    (struct input_event, struct face, struct image): Remove forward
    * gtkutil.h (struct _widget_value): Likewise.
    * keyboard.h (toplevel): Include termhooks.h.
    (struct input_event): Remove forward declaration.
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