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    (purebeg, pure_size, pure_bytes_used_before_overflow): · 9e713715
    Gerd Moellmann authored
    New variables.
    (init_alloc_once): Initialize new variables.
    (PURE_POINTER_P): Use new variables.
    (pure_alloc): If pure storage overflows, allocate from the heap.
    (check_pure_size): New function.
    (Fgarbage_collect): Don't GC if pure storage has overflowed.
    (Vpost_gc_hook, Qpost_gc_hook): New variables.
    (syms_of_alloc): DEFVAR_LISP post-gc-hook, initialize
    (Fgarbage_collect): Run post-gc-hook.
    (Fmake_symbol): Adapt to changes of struct Lisp_Symbol.
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