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    Fix memory allocation problems in Cygwin build (Bug#9273). · a4579d33
    Ken Brown authored
    * src/gmalloc.c [CYGWIN] (bss_sbrk_heapbase, bss_sbrk_heapinfo): New
    (malloc_initialize_1) [CYGWIN]: Prepare for reinitializing the
    dumped emacs.
    (_free_internal_nolock) [CYGWIN]: Ignore requests to free storage
    in the static heap.
    [CYGWIN] (special_realloc): New function.
    (_realloc_internal_nolock) [CYGWIN]: Use the new function on
    requests to realloc storage in the static heap.
    * src/unexcw.c ( __malloc_initialized): Declare external variable.
    (fixup_executable): Force the dumped emacs to reinitialize malloc.
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