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    Document changes to windows code. · b33b68a3
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * frames.texi (Frames and Windows): Move section and rename to
    Windows and Frames in windows.texi.
    * windows.texi (Windows): Restructure.
    (Basic Windows): Rewrite.  Explain live and internal windows and
    normalization functions.
    (Windows and Frames): Move section here from frames.texi.
    Describe subwindows, window combinations, window tree, and
    corresponding functions including window-list here.
    (Window Sizes): Rename section from Size of Window and move it
    up in chapter.  Describe total and body sizes and the
    corresponding functions.  Explain new semantics of
    (Resizing Windows): Move section up in chapter.  Describe new
    resize functions.
    (Splitting Windows): Describe new behavior of split-window,
    split-window-above-each-other and split-window-side-by-side.
    Provide examples.  Describe window-nest and window-splits
    (Deleting Windows): Minor rewrite.
    (Selecting Windows): Minor rewrite.  Describe
    frame-selected-window and set-frame-selected-window here.
    (Cyclic Window Ordering): Minor rewrite.  Describe
    (Buffers and Windows): Rewrite.  Explain a window's previous and
    next buffers and the corresponding functions.
    * elisp.texi (Top): Update node listings for frames and windows
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