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    (Top): Mention which Emacs version this FAQ is about. · b59a8457
    Glenn Morris authored
    Recommend the latest release.  Mention how to get older FAQs.
    Recommend the Emacs manual.
    (Guidelines for newsgroup postings): Discourage cross-posts.
    (Underlining paragraphs): Remove.
    (Editing MS-DOS files): Remove pre-Emacs 20 information.
    (Bugs and problems): Update key-binding.
    (Problems with very large files): Mention 64-bit.
    (Shell process exits abnormally): Remove.
    (Problems with Shell Mode): Rename and update.
    (Spontaneous entry into isearch-mode)
    (Problems talking to certain hosts): Remove.  This is old information,
    in etc/PROBLEMS if needed.
    (Emacs takes a long time to visit files, Updating Emacs): Remove.
    (Dired claims that no file is on this line): Update.
    (Installing Emacs, Problems building Emacs): Simplify.
    (Emacs for MS-DOS): Refer to msdos/INSTALL rather than duplicating
    (Emacs for MS-Windows): Rename from "Emacs for Windows".  Simplify.
    (Emacs for Mac OS X): Rename from "Emacs for Apple computers".
    (JDEE): "JDEE", not "JDE".
    (Handling C-s and C-q with flow control, Binding C-s and C-q):
    Remove.  This is old information, in etc/PROBLEMS if needed.
    (stty and Backspace key, Kanji and Chinese characters): Remove.
    (Right-to-left alphabets): Update section.
    (Changing the included text prefix): Gnus uses message-yank-prefix.
    Add cross-reference to Supercite manual.
    (Saving a copy of outgoing mail): Simplify output file description.
    (Expanding aliases when sending mail): Refer to Emacs manual.
    Remove old info about RFC822.
    Correct description of how to rebuild aliases.
    (Rmail writes to /var/spool/mail): Update location from /usr/spool/mail.
    (MIME with Emacs mail packages)
    (Viewing articles with embedded underlining)
    (Saving a multi-part Gnus posting, Gnus hangs for a long time):
    Remove old sections.
    (Killing based on nonstandard headers): Remove.  Scoring is preferable,
    and is well-documented in the Gnus manual.
    (Reading news with Emacs): Merge "Learning more about Gnus" into here.
    (Making Gnus faster): Rename from "Starting Gnus faster".
    Merge "Catch-up is slow in Gnus" into here.
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