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    (Selecting Windows): Clarify descriptions of · b8766179
    Martin Rudalics authored
    with-selected-window and get-lru-window.
    (Cyclic Window Ordering): Refer to particular frame when talking
    about how splitting affects the ordering.
    (Displaying Buffers): Fix descriptions of switch-to-buffer and
    switch-to-buffer-other-window.  Explain how setting of
    display-buffer-reuse-frames affects pop-to-buffer.
    (Choosing Window): Clarify some details in descriptions of
    display-buffer-reuse-frames, pop-up-frames, and
    (Dedicated Windows): Clarify some details.
    (Textual Scrolling): Replace term vscroll by term vertical
    scroll position.
    (Vertical Scrolling): Fix typo.
    (Window Hooks): Relate text on jit-lock-register to window
    scrolling and size changes.
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