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    Cache current header and mode line height for each window. · b9695828
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    * window.h (struct window): New fields mode_line_height
    and header_line_height.
    * window.c (make_window): Initialize them.
    * dispextern.h (CURRENT_MODE_LINE_HEIGHT)
    (CURRENT_HEADER_LINE_HEIGHT): Use them.  Adjust comment.
    (current_mode_line_height, current_header_line_height):
    Remove declaration.
    * xdisp.c (current_mode_line_height, current_header_line_height):
    (pos_visible_p, init_xdisp): Adjust user.
    (redisplay_window): Invalidate mode_line_height and
    header_line_height if current and desired matrices do not agree.
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