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    Minor fixes for MinGW64 build. · bd717ca4
    Fabrice Popineau authored
     configure.ac (canonical, C_SWITCH_SYSTEM): Support a 64-bit
     MinGW64 build on MS-Windows.
     nt/inc/ms-w32.h (sys_kill): Fix prototype.
     src/w32term.c (w32_initialize): Use LCID and LOWORD.
     src/w32proc.c (create_child): Use pid_t for 5th argument.
     (IsValidLocale): Don't provide prototype for MinGW64.
     (Fw32_get_valid_keyboard_layouts, Fw32_get_keyboard_layout)
     (Fw32_set_keyboard_layout): Use HKL and HIWORD/LOWORD.
     src/w32heap.c (allocate_heap) [_WIN64]: Use "ull", not "i64", which
     MinGW64 doesn't support.
     src/lisp.h (EMACS_INT) [_WIN64]: Define for the MinGW64 build.
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