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    Fix the MSDOS build. · bf6b4923
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/unexcoff.c [MSDOS]: Include libc/atexit.h.
     (copy_text_and_data): Zero out the atexit chain pointer before
     dumping Emacs.
     src/termhooks.h (encode_terminal_code): Update prototype.
     src/term.c (encode_terminal_code) [DOS_NT]: Make it externally
     visible for all DOS_NT ports, not just WINDOWSNT.
     (syms_of_term) [!MSDOS]: Don't define 'tty-menu-*' symbols on MSDOS.
     src/sysdep.c (emacs_sigaction_init, init_signals): Don't use SIGCHLD
     unless it is defined.
     (emacs_pipe) [MSDOS]: Redirect to 'pipe'.
     src/process.c (close_on_exec, accept4, process_socket): Move into
     the "ifdef subprocesses" part.
     (catch_child_signal): Condition by "ifdef subprocesses".
     (syms_of_process) <Qinternal_default_process_sentinel>
     <Qinternal_default_process_filter>: Condition by "ifdef subprocesses".
     src/msdos.h: Add prototypes for new functions.
     (EINPROGRESS): Define.
     (O_CLOEXEC): Define to zero.
     src/msdos.c (check_window_system): Remove unnecessary an
     incompatible duplicate function.
     (sys_opendir, readlinkat, faccessat, fstatat, unsetenv): New
     functions in support of new functionality.
     src/menu.c (single_menu_item): Add visual indication  of submenu
     also for menus on MSDOS frames.
     (Fx_popup_menu) [!MSDOS]: Do not call tty_menu_show on MSDOS.
     src/lisp.h (CHECK_PROCESS) [!subprocesses]: Do not define
     when async subprocesses aren't supported.
     src/font.h (FONT_WIDTH) [MSDOS]: MSDOS-specific definition.
     src/emacs.c (close_output_streams): Zero out errno before calling
     src/dired.c [MSDOS]: Include msdos.h.
     src/conf_post.h (opendir) [MSDOS]: Redirect to sys_opendir.
     (DATA_START) [MSDOS]: Define.
     (SYSTEM_PURESIZE_EXTRA) [MSDOS]: Enlarge by 25K.
     src/callproc.c (block_child_signal, unblock_child_signal) [MSDOS]:
     Ifdef away for MSDOS.
     (record_kill_process) [MSDOS]: Ifdef away the entire body for MSDOS.
     (call_process_cleanup) [MSDOS]: Ifdef away portions not relevant
     for MSDOS.
     (call_process) [MSDOS]: Fix call sequence of dostounix_filename.
     Use temporary file template that is compatible with mkostemp.
     Move vfork-related portions under #ifndef MSDOS.
     (syms_of_callproc): Unify templates of MSDOS and WINDOWSNT.
     lisp/term/pc-win.el (x-list-fonts, x-get-selection-value): Provide
     doc strings, as required by snarf-documentation.
     msdos/sed1v2.inp: Update Sed scripts for Emacs 24.4.
     msdos/inttypes.h: Add PRIdMAX.
     msdos/INSTALL: Update for Emacs 24.4.
     msdos/sedadmin.inp: New file.
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