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    Streamline dependency-file generation · bf8cf95d
    Paul Eggert authored
    * configure.ac (AUTODEPEND_PARENTS): New var.
    mkdir the dependency directories here, to simplify ‘make’.
    Remove dependency files just before outputting Makefiles, so that
    they are preserved if ‘configure’ exits early due to some other problem.
    * lib/Makefile.in, lwlib/Makefile.in, oldXMenu/Makefile.in:
    * src/Makefile.in: Adjust deps strategies to be similar, as follows:
    (MKDEPDIR): Remove.  All uses removed.  This cuts down on the
    number of processes spun off by ‘make’.
    (clean mostlyclean): Remove $(DEPDIR) contents, not $(DEPDIR) itself.
    (distclean): Remove $(DEPDIR) itself.
    * lwlib/Makefile.in (all): Move to front, so that depdir includes
    do not alter default action.
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